“Brown Modelling Agency” – A Premier Modelling and Talent Agency Servicing Central Texas and Beyond

What happens when you take two powerhouse modelling and talent agencies in central Texas and merge them with a true dynamo at the helm as CEO? The answer is you wind up with a flourishing and dynamic modelling agency called the “Brown Modelling Agency” which is bringing world- class male, female, child and plus size models and tremendous acting talent from central Texas to the world’s finest fashion houses and commercial television, movie and print entities.

The founder of Brown Agency, Justin Brown, worked his way through college by modelling and working in various positions at several modelling agencies. In 2005, Justin moved to Austin, Texas and in 2008 he started his own modelling and talent agency which was licensed by the renowned Wilhelmina modelling agency in 2010 as “Wilhelmina Austin.” In 2015 Wilhelmina Austin merged with Heyman-Talent South to form the new Brown Modelling Agency.

Combining the strengths of both agencies and under the dynamic leadership of Justin Brown, the Brown Modelling Agency is a full- service agency providing a broad portfolio of top models and experienced talent. From Runway and High Fashion models to commercial print modelling work in magazines, books and on billboards to appearances on television shows and commercials, the Brown Modelling Agency does it all. They now represent approximately 450 talents with models from the agency featured in advertisements for such famous companies as Louis Vuitton, Toyota, Dell and L’Oreal. In addition, Brown Agency high fashion models have appeared at New York Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week and at Miami Swim Week. Brown Agency models have also appeared on runways for Austin Fashion Week and Brown acting talent has appeared for recurring roles on the “American Crime” drama series and the “Queen of the South” television series.

The Brown Modelling Agency is committed to bringing the best in modelling and acting talent from central Texas to the world stage. It provides an opportunity for local talent to have exposure to both national and international opportunities with renowned corporations, top fashion houses and important film and television production companies. Emphasizing ethics, integrity, quality service and professionalism, the Brown Modelling Agency proudly represents the best in models and actors from the central Texas community that it so proudly serves. For more info, check out brownagency.co

Norman Pattiz Relays Results of Brand Lift Evaluation Study Carried Out By Edison Research

Early this year, Norman Pattiz, the executive chair of PodcastOne flanked by Tom Webster, the strategy VP at Edison Research relayed the results of the investigation studies conducted by the latter. The research study involved getting results from the advertising campaigns of five national brands drawn from diverse categories of products and services. This study, which was the first ever of its kind, was conducted in the last six months of the year 2016. The study involved both the pre-and post-podcast advertising campaign. According to the results, there was an increase in the impact that podcast advertising had on recalling specific messaging and brand recall. The study also revealed an increased intention to purchase. The research conducted by Tom Webster’s team in conjunction with PodcastOne brought out a number of new issues.


Research Studies


Edison Research was contracted by PodcastOne to conduct different studies in the second half of 2016 in order to test how effective Podcast advertising was to select five nationwide brands. Although some of these brands were well known, they were putting out a new message to the market. There were some products that were little known and were on the verge of creating more increased awareness as well as trial. In all the studies, there were a number of online surveys conducted upon the audiences of these leading podcasts immediately before the campaigns ran and then again after been broadcasted for a number of weeks like four to six. The same methodology was used for all the cases and the end results posted showed that the market became more receptive to these brand messages. The same results showed that the market was more willing to try or purchase products and services from these brands. Learn more: http://dashconference.com/speakers/norman-pattiz/




Norman Pattiz, the founder as well as executive chairman of PodcastOne stated that his company remained focused on verifying autonomously that their format of advertising was way superior to conventional formats. He viewed the results as a validation to their favored multi-tier approach to incorporated measurement and advertising. Tom Webster was happy with the honor and opportunity to work with PodcastOne and the fact that the studies were conducted both before and after, the results were credible. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/norman-pattiz


About Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz founded Westwood One and helped turn it into a giant radio network within America. Mr. Pattiz did not stop there as he again launched the Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010 and later on PodcastOne Sales and PodcastOne. He has served on the Broadcasting Board of Governors in the US under two presidents i.e. President Bush and Clinton.



Daniel Taub: A Life Well Lived, a Time Best Deserved

People remember you only when you have done something significant and meaningful in your lifetime. If you want to leave a legacy, you have to choose a path entirely different from that of any other person, and be ready to face challenges that only you can overcome. In his lifetime, Daniel Taub has lived a life of nobility. Daniel, who is now 55 years old, is a man who traces his family background in the United Kingdom. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

With Taub having spent his formative years in the UK, he attended his education at the Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School, the Oxford University College, and Harvard University. Since Daniel Taub had always been a bright and energetic student, he did not struggle much finding meaningful employment.

It is in 1989 that Taub relocated to Israel and immediately found a job as a combat medic in the Israel Defense Forces. From 1989 henceforth, Taub took up employment with the Israel Defense Forces international law division, the Israeli Office of the President, and recently, the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Ever since Taub got employed in the Israeli Foreign Ministry, he has taken up many responsibilities for being an expert particularly in international law matters. Daniel has also worked as a liaison to the United Nations in Geneva and New York due to his ability to grasp issues relating to war and terrorism.

As an Israeli diplomat, Daniel’s skills have gone a long way to helping broker a peace deal between his country and Palestine. Having represented Israel on many issues, Daniel Taub got appointed as the Ambassador to the United Kingdom primarily because of his efforts and commitment to help realize global peace.

In his new capacity as the Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Daniel Taub has represented Israel to the rest of the world in the best way possible. For years on end, Daniel Taub has officially castigated against any social division. All his life Taub has sung the song of peace, mainly because he wants Israel and Palestine to get on good terms once again.

Since Taub became the ambassador to the UK, trade relationships with Israel have relatively improved over the years. Besides, cultural ties have also gotten strengthened thus fostering exchanges between the two nations. Thanks to efforts by Taub, more than three hundred Israeli owned businesses have been setup in the United Kingdom, a testament that Daniel Taub has been doing a remarkable job as ambassador.

Although Taub was set to resign from his current role four years ago, his tenure got slightly extended to give Daniel Taub more time to finish the good work he had started. Although Taub is set to resign this summer, he will leave the global community with a lot of fond memories due to his unmatched work ethic.

Mike Baur Leads New Company Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is one of the more successful business professionals in Switzerland. He has had a long career in a number of fields such as banking, investing and entrepreneurship. During his career, Mike has helped a number of startup businesses look for ways to get established as well as reach high levels of success. When he first began his career, he helped businesses get the financing they needed as a banking professional. He would then help businesses by investing funds. When he invested in startup businesses, he would make high returns and help these companies get necessary capital to expand and improve their operations. Now Mike runs his own company known as Swiss Startup Factory. While being a new company, it has quickly established itself as one of the best in all of Switzerland.


Nowadays, Mike Baur is involved in entrepreneurship where he runs the daily operations of Swiss Startup Factory. He co founded the firm a few years ago and has helped build it into one of the top consulting companies in the nation. As an entrepreneur, Mike has developed a unique company that allows businesses to demonstrate their business idea and get assistance on a regular basis. Baur holds events where businesses talk about their idea and then aggress to give them coaching and mentoring on things such as marketing, product development and finance. As a result, many businesses have been able to reach their full potential with the help of Baur and his company.


Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Baur spent ten years investing in startup businesses. During this time, he would put his own funds into a number of new companies and help them reach their goals. He would also gain a part of the ownership and earn the profits the company makes. This allowed Mike to receive a lucrative income as well as inspiring him to eventually start up his own business someday in the future.


At the very beginning of Mike’s career, he worked in the banking sector. When he was in this field, Mike would meet with businesses and help them find ways to get capital for their various goals. There were many businesses that needed money to either start up or expand. Baur would help them by evaluating their business as well as how much they needed in order to reach their goals. With Mike’s help, many businesses were able to get the funds they needed in order to fulfill their potential.


UKV PLC – Ensuring Wine Connoisseurs Get The Best Wines Always

UKV PLC is the wine retailer and stockist you can trust in Europe to get your hands on some of the best wines available out there. Over the years, UKV PLC has been able to develop a huge chain of wine stockists, wholesalers, vineyards, and other distributors, which ensures that the company gets the best of wines at the best prices. Thus, whether you are looking for investment grade wines or regular wines, UKV PLC is the retailer you can trust with eyes closed. UKV PLC also has in-house wine consultants who can offer you guidance based on your request and queries. Whether you are looking to start a wine collection or have a wine collection business and want to expand it, or just about anything else, rest assured the wine experts at UKV PLC can guide you accordingly.

UKV PLC has an online site where the customers can visit to find all the information they need regarding wines they stock and can even order it online. UKV PLC doesn’t rely on a single supply chain that makes it easier for the company to offer many different types of wines to its patrons. It is often seen that the wine shops have a single supply chain, and once that gets dried up, restocking can take a fair amount of time. However, UKV PLC doesn’t rely on one supply chain and focuses on stocking many different kinds of wines, instead of stocking only one type of wines.

One of the reasons why the demand for wines has increased in the last few years is because many people have started investing in wines for future commercial gains. The demand for investment grade wines has grown drastically, and people are looking for ways to make a profit out of this booming industry. Collecting and stocking wines for future can provide substantial returns if done smartly and it is where the guidance furnished by the wine specialists at UKV PLC can come in handy. UKV PLC is one of the biggest names in the wine selling the business in Europe today and stock French, Italian, Spanish, and many other kinds of wines.

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