Daniel Taub is A Trusted Israeli Diplomat in a Foreign Land

Daniel Taub is one of the most celebrated diplomats in Israel. He a British, however, his strong bonds with the Israel made him change his nationality entirely. He is a lawyer by profession, and he has helped hundreds of people enjoy justice.

He highly respects human rights and firmly believes in the power of equality. He is loyal, and his contribution to Israel is immense considering that he is of British origin. The relationship between the two countries has also strengthened during his stay.

Daniel Taub likes to explore and travel. He loves to network with people despite their background or origin, and thus he has met different types of individuals. Queen Elizabeth is among the prominent people that Daniel Taub has managed to meet. Learn more about Daniel Taub:  http://israblog.nana10.co.il/blogread.asp?blog=864881

He is very strategic and proactive, and this enabled him to bring investors from Europe to Israel.

Daniel Taub has always maintained a close relationship between Israel and Britain because he understands that Europe plays a significant role in advancement and growth of the country.

He also understands that Britain is the financial center for most of Europe and Middle East countries. He has tried to unite leaders from different regions to help reduce conflict in some of the Middle East countries. Read more: Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

He started as an Ambassador to the court of St James where he showed tremendous capability and managerial skills. His knowledge as a lawyer offer necessary skills needed to lobby or convince relevant investors to take advantage of Israel Market. His strong emphasis on trade and technology and how it is the future of most candidates.

To motivate youths, he partnered with Google to start a Bizcamp start-up competition. The program runs for a while, and it was later awarded one of the prestigious awards known as Grassroots Diplomats. About Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub was born and raised in the United Kingdom and then joined the Haberdashers Boy’s School. After completing high school studies, he went to several universities including Oxford College, Harvard University, and London University to learn more about the law. Daniel moved to Israel in 1989 where he worked as a combat medic in the defense forces of Israel.

He has also worked as a reserve officer and as the president speechwriter. He worked with President Chain Herzon before joining Israel Foreign Ministry in 1991. Daniel has deep knowledge in international law and international terrorism, and he has also been a key player in solving Israeli-Palestinian conflicts.

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The investor investing in others, Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is an entrepreneur, author, venture capitalist and a philanthropist among others. When you hear his name, you associate it with a successful business line. He acknowledges the success he has but tries to remain humble as he credits the success to the grace of God. He has taken a journey to help others learn from his successes and failures in the book he wrote, They Can’t Eat You. He is a strong believer in sharing what he has with the community around him as he empowers the people around him.



When you hear the word serial entrepreneur, it should always ring a bell of many businesses. Marc is this kind of an entrepreneur. He has started multiple businesses over the years some of which have skyrocketed in profits while others have failed tremendously. Due to his persistent and determination, every failure was a lesson for him. Mostly he engages in businesses that revolve around telecommunication but he also has other businesses that are outside this bracket as well.



Marc Sparks takes interest in ideas that seem feasible. He funds these kinds of business as he inspires them to grow into bigger versions of themselves. This is why he is a renowned venture capitalist. As much as the prediction of a successful startup companies is risky, Marc takes his chances. He says that the recipe for success is having a feasible idea, having a business plan and finances to work towards growing your idea into a lucrative and successful business.



As the founder of Timber Creek Capital, he started out incubation classes that offer young entrepreneurs with in-depth training on how to grow their businesses. They provide a working environment and necessary resources for the entrepreneurs to grow, network and market their ideas. Marc is also very keen on advising his trainees to follow the right steps in starting and growing their businesses, whether it takes a long time or not.



Marc, the philanthropist, donates both time and money to different courses. He took his time in working together with the Habitat For Humanity to build homes for the less fortunate members of the society. He is a constant and regular volunteer at The Samaritan Inn, a shelter for the homeless, Dallas. Moneywise, he has helped some youth gain education through his donation to a program that supported education in his local community. Learn more: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=8072148&privcapId=398754



Marc Sparks in an admirable man in so many angles. He has had his hand in investment banking, premium finance, and insurance among others. He lives in Texas and is committed to using his experience, which is over 3 decades, to better others and creates an empowered community. Marc knows and believes that been an average student does not hinder anyone from been successful in life as long as you are motivated.



“Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund Bringing Justice To The Unjust!”

For Native American children living on reservations all across the United States, daily living conditions can be both grim and impoverished. Statistics show that Indian children, as a result of poverty, unemployment, domestic violence, battery, alcoholism and narcotic dependence, have the highest rate of suicide compared to other ethnicities. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: https://michael-lacey.com/ and http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/

Suicide is actually the second-leading cause of death among children on reservations. Alarming numbers of reported suicides have risen to more than three times the national median and up to 10 times that amount on particular reservations.

Even older children haven’t been able to escape the dire circumstances that have led to children having no education, little to eat, poor healthcare and degraded living conditions. One out of ten Native children, over the age of twelve, experience some traumatic violence or crime against them each year.

Child development and care is a vital importance to Native American children to break the cycle of disparity, abuse and poverty so they and their families can become self-reliant through education, guidance and job opportunities. Without child care centers any jobs a mother can be fortunate enough to ascertain can’t be sustained.

It is critical that advocacy groups such as the National Indian Child Care Association contribute to this plight. Otherwise, the risk factors of these children just continue to grow.

The mission of the NICCA is to promote sound culturally appropriate child care, nurturing and development. They are committed to bringing together tribal resources, leadership and assets by lending leadership, support and advocacy to all Indian children in at-risk circumstances.

Like the exemplary efforts of the NICCA, the Frontera Fund is available to benefit commendable nonprofit groups that support Hispanic civil rights and matters. The Frontera Fund, executed by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, has financially allocated money to many causes that affect the lives of Arizona citizens every day. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Some of these causes include keeping the border open and other relevant political battles that champion the causes of immigrants and the like. They have generously given aid to organizations like Justice that Works, the Kino border initiative, No More Deaths, Owl and Panther/Hopi Foundation, Promise Arizona, Phoenix Immigrant Justice Project, Phoenix Allies for Community Health, American Immigration council, Arizona DREAM Act Coalition, Arizona Justice Project and the Colibri Center for Human rights.

The Frontera Fund was established after Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were awarded a large sum of compensation for having been falsely arrested by Sheriff Arpaio after the two denied his demand to see information they had collected on him.

After they refused to hand over the information, they were both taken with force from their residences and thrown in jail. After being released and having all charges dropped, Larkin and Lacey sued Sheriff Arpaio and won a 3.7 million dollar settlement by the Maricopa County in 2013.

The Ninth Circuit ruled in their favor stating not only had they had been falsely arrested, but the prosecutor did not adhere to the full legal requirements when issuing the subpoenas.


Bridget Scarr

Bridget Scarr is the Executive Producer at Colibri Studios. She is a creative writer, whose content is nothing but inexplicably astounding. Her projects attract various audiences, because of the touch of professionalism in the digital, virtual and interactive materials.


With 15 years and more of producing, Bridget has experience in animation, television, and advertising. Her creative projects and developments cut across a wide range of genres and with large teams of between 5 to 200 people. Among the genres she has produced are, animations, drama, lifestyle among others.


Bridget Scarr has had experience in TV production. It is here where she learned to give voice and life to people’s ideas. However, with her creativity, she had the urge to bring her thoughts to life. This, she made possible through Colibri Studios, which led to a complete transition to not only her career but also her life.


It is a common belief that lives are connected to occupations, and what we normally do becomes a habit, our cultures and part of our lives. Production has become part of Bridget’s life and looking back where and how she started, it is clear that passion is what drove her, and creativity fueled her. The urge to achieve more kept her going and the heart to reach the peak of self-fulfillment just like any other person would desire, took her through tough times until she came out successful.


Bridget believes that among the things that make her better at what she does, is meditation, and setting aside time for relaxation. It is widely known that the human brain operates in ways that are inexplicable. But just like every processor, the brain requires relaxation to be at better performance. For better ideas, Bridget spends more time with her son, and when she needs rest, she takes it. She believes this, as her way to come up with something better, and become more composed and realistic.


Bridget believes in the transformation of the world we are living in through production of content that is thought-provoking and engaging. Remember that once an individual is fully engaged, a part of their reasoning that yearns to change the way things are done is stimulated, and even though this may seem like a small step, it is one sure way to change the lives and the world rapidly. Bridget is not only a producer and mother. She is also a world changer through her content.


Visit http://bridgetscarr.com/ to learn more.