Frontera Fund and their work for DACA

Members of the GOP are making numerous attempts to rid the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program. DACA is an American Immigration policy that was established in 2012 by the Obama administration. It gives undocumented youth a pardon from deportation as well as the opportunity to obtain a social security number and the ability to work in the United States for a renewable 2 year period. In order for the youth to be eligible for the program, they must meet certain requirements. In 2014, Barak Obama attempted to expand DACA, but Texas and 25 other states sued in the district court asking for the elimination of DACA and DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans). On June 16, 2017, the Department of Homeland Security announced that they would revoke the order made by Barak Obama, although the program still continues to be reviewed. Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, issued a letter addressed to the Trump administration asking them to revoke DACA by September 5. Nine attorney generals and one governor of Republican states put their names on the letter as well. Members of the Hispanic Caucus met with the Secretary of Homeland Security, John Kelly. The secretary stated that the program is in jeopardy. The DACA program is in its firth year and has brought benefits to the United States. DACA beneficiaries contribute millions of dollars to colleges and universities nationwide. Many economic gains have been made by DACA individuals and those gains are invested in advancing education, finances, and creating businesses.There have been several studies that confirm the success of the program. The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund will be providing information and assistance in the fight to keep DACA. The Frontera Fund was founded in 1970 as a weekly newspaper in Phoenix, Arizona. Lacey and Larkin established the fund after winning a lawsuit and receiving $3.75 million. The Frontera Fund focuses on assisting the Hispanic community. It also supports groups that advocate for peoples rights and freedom of speech. DREAMers and advocates have begun to worry after the statement made by John Kelly; however, they are prepared to push back the efforts to eliminate DACA.


Madison Street Capital Iconic Reputation

In any business, financial decisions make a great part of the success of the business. It is notable that a large portion of the businesses fail due to the making of uninformed financial decisions, this, in turn, lead to financial difficulties and later liquidation of the business. Read more: Madison Street Capital Investment Banking Overview | Academia

It is thus critical to ensure that a business makes skillful and informed decisions. In this regard, investors should seek viable financial advises from the professionals who have the expertise in the finance discipline. Notably, the Madison Street Capital has specialized in offering the financial advice to the potential investors. The firm is located in Chicago and aids potential investors globally.

Madison Street Capital assists the investors in strategies of obtaining the finance from the financial institutions and also capital from the global world of investors. The firm has a reputation for offering great advice that has seen many businesses acquire loans and navigate through financial difficulties smoothly.

The firm, Madison Street Capital, also offers investment advice that enabled many businesses to make great investment decisions that have seen them grow to become successful global businesses. It should be noted that the firm has advised various successful mergers whereby it facilitated the financial transactions and decisions that led to the success of the mergers.

Madison Street Capital believes in result oriented investments. It believes there is a solution for any of the financial problems facing a business. Through the numerous awards that the Madison Capital has received, it is evident that it is excellent in conducting its business of financial advice.

One of the notable awards includes the M&A advisors award where the president of the M&A has continued to praise and commend the work of the Madison Street Capital.

The philanthropic acts of the firm ensure that the company gives back to the society for providing a conducive working environment. It should be noted that the firm has donated funds severally to people who have been affected by various natural calamities including bad weather and the fire outbreaks.

Madison Capital has attributed its excellence to the dedicated team of professionals and working as a cohesive team towards achieving the required results.

It has always advised its client on the importance of always upholding a cohesive environment and unified decisions in the operations. It always outlines communication as the starting point of any business excellence.

It the latest news on Madison Street Capital, the directors emphasized on the organizational structure of any business and thus the flow of decisions within a firm. Citing the organization structure, the directors of Madison Street Capital stated that each organization should uphold a structure that has clear channels of communication both horizontally and vertically.