Brian Bonar is a Veteran in the Financial Sector

Brian Bonar is a house hold name in the world of finance. Throughout his prestigious career he has proven himself to be one of the top finance executives time after time. If the midas touch were more than just myth I would be inclined to say that Bonar possesses it.

Everything the businessman puts his hands on seems to turn into gold. His many successes in the finance sector led to him becoming a recipient of the Executive of the year award in Cambridge’s annual Who’s Who list. Bonar was a well deserved winner too.

Bonar possesses a MBA and PhD in International business development from Stanford University. The exec also earned his BSC in Mechanical Engineering from the Strathclyde University. Bonar’s background in technology gives him a unique perspective on the many nuances intertwined with large business deals. A perspective that has helped him in more ways than one I’d imagine.

Brian Bonar has held too many positions to count in his 30 plus years as a professional in the finance sector. No matter the position Bonar always seems to excel.

Bonar wasn’t always the proven veteran you see today. Bonar stands as living proof that hard work pays off in the long run. He worked his fingers to the bone to get where he is today. Because of his nonstop drive to be great at what he does he quickly rose up the ranks of whatever company he happened to be working for at the time. He had to pay his dues before finding himself in several prominent positions of powerhouse companies.

No one juggles multiple jobs like Bonar. He currently serves as the CEO of both Trucept and Dalrada Financial Group. He also holds the positions of CFO and CEO within the Amanda company. Each company has noticed an uptick in profits with Bonar at the helm.


Bellamy’s is a cuisine restaurant located in Escondido, San Diego owned by business guru Brian Bonar. Under the management of Bonar the restaurant has become a force to be reckoned with. Those who have eaten at the restaurant rarely have a bad thing to say about the food or service.

Bellamy’s great staff, which includes French Master chef Patrick Ponsaty, insure customers leave wanting more every time they choose to dine there. At this rate of growth Bellamy’s has a good chance of eclipsing whatever competition there is in San Diego County.

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