Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Becomes Next Chairman Of Bradesco

With the announcement by current Grupo Bradesco chairman Lazaro Brandao that he will soon be departing his role at the firm for good, it has been revealed that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the current CEO of the firm will take his place. Among his many accomplishments, Trabuco Cappi was the orchestrator of the 2015 acquisition of HSBC Brazil. The deal was the largest in Brazilian history, instantly propelling Grupo Bradesco to the number-one spot across many different metrics.

The man with the magic touch

After years of a declining stock price and slipping market share, Trabuco Cappi was able, in 2015, to reverse the misfortunes of his firm, immediately putting Bradesco back in the driver’s seat of the Brazilian finance space and positioning the firm to make big strategic plays going forward.

At the time, Bradesco had lost nearly 80 percent of its market value, and its market share across many business lines was suffering. Rival bank Itau Unibanco had managed to beat its opponent into a corner, dominating it on pricing and using its economies of scale to punish Bradesco’s weaknesses by undercutting them. But in one deal, Trabuco Cappi put an end to all of that.

In early 2015, HSBC, one of the largest banking concerns on the planet, put word out on the street that it was looking to dump all of its Brazilian assets. The bank had been trying to cut it in the ultra-competitive Brazilian market for over a decade, all to no avail. The higher ups had finally had enough. They had been chasing bad money with good and expending valuable time and human resources trying to keep the losing Brazilian operation afloat.

Trabuco Cappi immediately sprang into action. He quickly secured an exclusivity period with the bank, ensuring that if Bradesco fulfilled every part of the agreement, they would be considered first for the sale. However, the mechanisms through which Trabuco Cappi secured such an unusually favorable deal, allowing his bank, which had been hemorrhaging cash for the last 6 years, to jump to the front of the line in the bidding process, is the source of much speculation.

Sources close to Trabuco Cappi say that the inveterate banker is well known to be one of the most powerful behind-the-scene power players in Brazilian business today, with deep connections across the industry and even in government. An abiding truth of business is that who one knows is often just as important of what one knows. This is certainly even more true for those who head up large corporations.

Regardless of how Trabuco Cappi pulled off the deal, its closing marked a major turning point for Bradesco. Without the acquisition of HSBC Brazil, there is a significant chance that ailing Bradesco itself would have soon become the target of a hostile takeover or even eventually faced bankruptcy.

Trabuco Cappi is credited with saving the firm. The deal earned him the 2015 Isto E Dinheiro Entrepreneur of the Year Award. After a rough six years at the start of his tenure as CEO, Trabuco Cappi had redeemed himself in the eyes of shareholders and the business press.

What comes next

Two years after the acquisition of HSBC Brazil, Bradesco’s stock price is once again approaching record highs. It has massively outperformed rival Itau Unibanco across almost every available metric. And Trabuco has widely been vindicated, with a vision and strategic leadership that has led to Bradesco being the number-one bank in Brazil.

As Trabuco Cappi transitions to the chairmanship, he will likely continue playing his hands in the same successful way he has done so far.

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Daniel Taub is A Trusted Israeli Diplomat in a Foreign Land

Daniel Taub is one of the most celebrated diplomats in Israel. He a British, however, his strong bonds with the Israel made him change his nationality entirely. He is a lawyer by profession, and he has helped hundreds of people enjoy justice.

He highly respects human rights and firmly believes in the power of equality. He is loyal, and his contribution to Israel is immense considering that he is of British origin. The relationship between the two countries has also strengthened during his stay.

Daniel Taub likes to explore and travel. He loves to network with people despite their background or origin, and thus he has met different types of individuals. Queen Elizabeth is among the prominent people that Daniel Taub has managed to meet. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

He is very strategic and proactive, and this enabled him to bring investors from Europe to Israel.

Daniel Taub has always maintained a close relationship between Israel and Britain because he understands that Europe plays a significant role in advancement and growth of the country.

He also understands that Britain is the financial center for most of Europe and Middle East countries. He has tried to unite leaders from different regions to help reduce conflict in some of the Middle East countries. Read more: Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

He started as an Ambassador to the court of St James where he showed tremendous capability and managerial skills. His knowledge as a lawyer offer necessary skills needed to lobby or convince relevant investors to take advantage of Israel Market. His strong emphasis on trade and technology and how it is the future of most candidates.

To motivate youths, he partnered with Google to start a Bizcamp start-up competition. The program runs for a while, and it was later awarded one of the prestigious awards known as Grassroots Diplomats. About Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub was born and raised in the United Kingdom and then joined the Haberdashers Boy’s School. After completing high school studies, he went to several universities including Oxford College, Harvard University, and London University to learn more about the law. Daniel moved to Israel in 1989 where he worked as a combat medic in the defense forces of Israel.

He has also worked as a reserve officer and as the president speechwriter. He worked with President Chain Herzon before joining Israel Foreign Ministry in 1991. Daniel has deep knowledge in international law and international terrorism, and he has also been a key player in solving Israeli-Palestinian conflicts.

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Norman Pattiz Relays Results of Brand Lift Evaluation Study Carried Out By Edison Research

Early this year, Norman Pattiz, the executive chair of PodcastOne flanked by Tom Webster, the strategy VP at Edison Research relayed the results of the investigation studies conducted by the latter. The research study involved getting results from the advertising campaigns of five national brands drawn from diverse categories of products and services. This study, which was the first ever of its kind, was conducted in the last six months of the year 2016. The study involved both the pre-and post-podcast advertising campaign. According to the results, there was an increase in the impact that podcast advertising had on recalling specific messaging and brand recall. The study also revealed an increased intention to purchase. The research conducted by Tom Webster’s team in conjunction with PodcastOne brought out a number of new issues.


Research Studies


Edison Research was contracted by PodcastOne to conduct different studies in the second half of 2016 in order to test how effective Podcast advertising was to select five nationwide brands. Although some of these brands were well known, they were putting out a new message to the market. There were some products that were little known and were on the verge of creating more increased awareness as well as trial. In all the studies, there were a number of online surveys conducted upon the audiences of these leading podcasts immediately before the campaigns ran and then again after been broadcasted for a number of weeks like four to six. The same methodology was used for all the cases and the end results posted showed that the market became more receptive to these brand messages. The same results showed that the market was more willing to try or purchase products and services from these brands. Learn more:




Norman Pattiz, the founder as well as executive chairman of PodcastOne stated that his company remained focused on verifying autonomously that their format of advertising was way superior to conventional formats. He viewed the results as a validation to their favored multi-tier approach to incorporated measurement and advertising. Tom Webster was happy with the honor and opportunity to work with PodcastOne and the fact that the studies were conducted both before and after, the results were credible. Learn more:


About Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz founded Westwood One and helped turn it into a giant radio network within America. Mr. Pattiz did not stop there as he again launched the Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010 and later on PodcastOne Sales and PodcastOne. He has served on the Broadcasting Board of Governors in the US under two presidents i.e. President Bush and Clinton.