The investor investing in others, Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is an entrepreneur, author, venture capitalist and a philanthropist among others. When you hear his name, you associate it with a successful business line. He acknowledges the success he has but tries to remain humble as he credits the success to the grace of God. He has taken a journey to help others learn from his successes and failures in the book he wrote, They Can’t Eat You. He is a strong believer in sharing what he has with the community around him as he empowers the people around him.



When you hear the word serial entrepreneur, it should always ring a bell of many businesses. Marc is this kind of an entrepreneur. He has started multiple businesses over the years some of which have skyrocketed in profits while others have failed tremendously. Due to his persistent and determination, every failure was a lesson for him. Mostly he engages in businesses that revolve around telecommunication but he also has other businesses that are outside this bracket as well.



Marc Sparks takes interest in ideas that seem feasible. He funds these kinds of business as he inspires them to grow into bigger versions of themselves. This is why he is a renowned venture capitalist. As much as the prediction of a successful startup companies is risky, Marc takes his chances. He says that the recipe for success is having a feasible idea, having a business plan and finances to work towards growing your idea into a lucrative and successful business.



As the founder of Timber Creek Capital, he started out incubation classes that offer young entrepreneurs with in-depth training on how to grow their businesses. They provide a working environment and necessary resources for the entrepreneurs to grow, network and market their ideas. Marc is also very keen on advising his trainees to follow the right steps in starting and growing their businesses, whether it takes a long time or not.



Marc, the philanthropist, donates both time and money to different courses. He took his time in working together with the Habitat For Humanity to build homes for the less fortunate members of the society. He is a constant and regular volunteer at The Samaritan Inn, a shelter for the homeless, Dallas. Moneywise, he has helped some youth gain education through his donation to a program that supported education in his local community. Learn more:



Marc Sparks in an admirable man in so many angles. He has had his hand in investment banking, premium finance, and insurance among others. He lives in Texas and is committed to using his experience, which is over 3 decades, to better others and creates an empowered community. Marc knows and believes that been an average student does not hinder anyone from been successful in life as long as you are motivated.