Bridget Scarr

Bridget Scarr is the Executive Producer at Colibri Studios. She is a creative writer, whose content is nothing but inexplicably astounding. Her projects attract various audiences, because of the touch of professionalism in the digital, virtual and interactive materials.


With 15 years and more of producing, Bridget has experience in animation, television, and advertising. Her creative projects and developments cut across a wide range of genres and with large teams of between 5 to 200 people. Among the genres she has produced are, animations, drama, lifestyle among others.


Bridget Scarr has had experience in TV production. It is here where she learned to give voice and life to people’s ideas. However, with her creativity, she had the urge to bring her thoughts to life. This, she made possible through Colibri Studios, which led to a complete transition to not only her career but also her life.


It is a common belief that lives are connected to occupations, and what we normally do becomes a habit, our cultures and part of our lives. Production has become part of Bridget’s life and looking back where and how she started, it is clear that passion is what drove her, and creativity fueled her. The urge to achieve more kept her going and the heart to reach the peak of self-fulfillment just like any other person would desire, took her through tough times until she came out successful.


Bridget believes that among the things that make her better at what she does, is meditation, and setting aside time for relaxation. It is widely known that the human brain operates in ways that are inexplicable. But just like every processor, the brain requires relaxation to be at better performance. For better ideas, Bridget spends more time with her son, and when she needs rest, she takes it. She believes this, as her way to come up with something better, and become more composed and realistic.


Bridget believes in the transformation of the world we are living in through production of content that is thought-provoking and engaging. Remember that once an individual is fully engaged, a part of their reasoning that yearns to change the way things are done is stimulated, and even though this may seem like a small step, it is one sure way to change the lives and the world rapidly. Bridget is not only a producer and mother. She is also a world changer through her content.


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