Don’t Take Your Personal Cyber Security For Granted

While most people may understand that cybersecurity is important and necessary, they might not realize why. In May of 2017 a large cyber attack targeted about 300,000 computers in 150 countries. Cyber attacks threaten businesses, but can also affect your personal cyber security. The fallout from these attacks can be expensive and include destruction of your property and theft of financial data. For companies it costs a lot of money because of disruption of business, restoration of files and much more, and can cost billions of dollars nationwide. With businesses and personal accounts becoming increasingly digitized the problem won’t go away.


For those of us who have lost money due to being hacked, it is important to prevent it happening again. It is easy to take your personal cyber security for granted until it is too late. Personal cyber security companies such as Rubica offer digital security solutions so that you don’t have to worry. Rubica serves as your personal cyber security system, alerting you to suspicious actions and keeping your personal information personal. Researching and implementing personal cyber security systems can be confusing and time consuming, but Rubica works to take care of it for you behind the scenes. Downloading their app to each of your devices will serve to protect them from digital hacking (.