Fight Ransomware the Right way, with Rubica!

I’m well aware of just how intensely frustrating it is to find yourself in a situation where your data is held hostage. Ransomware camouflages itself as harmless applications but in actuality, ransomware alters your precious files, deleting the authentic copy, and then giving you a directive to pay a hefty ransom. Ransomewares ways are sly and hard to detect.


Don’t make the same mistake I did,get Cyber Security from a company that’s reliable and devoted to what they do! A company that will do everything in its power to protect your business, and family from the theft of personal and financial data. The importance of a strong cyber security can not be overemphasized! The right cyber security can mean the prevention of damage to your personal and financial data, and theft of money and data.


Well-trusted and unmatched,Rubica is a digital security and privacy company that’s known for providing personal cyber security for some of the world’s most notable individuals, with full-service cyber security that protects all and any of your devices. Cyber criminals hopes of stealing your personal information are crushed by Rubica’s elite cyber security experts. Malicious software doesn’t discriminate. Make sure your prepared to fight Ransomware the right way.

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Nathaniel Ru and Swetgreen Restaurant

Nathaniel Ru is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Sweetgreen Company. He lives in New York City where he also runs his businesses and investments. Nathaniel Ru’s parents were also entrepreneurs and were first-generation immigrants.

Nathaniel’s believes in reading books even when he thinks he does not have time for the task. He is also largely inspired by, the founder of Under Armour. Nathaniel states that Kevin Plank inspires him because his business stands for something bigger than itself. Nathaniel Lu also loves Little Serow Restaurant that offers great Thai food. Nathaniel also admires the excellent service provided in the restaurant. Learn more:

Ru Graduated from Georgetown University School of Business in 2007 with a BS In finance. In the same year, he and two of his classmates Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman started Sweetgreen high-end salad chain. Their business was backed by investors such as Daniel Bouloiund, Danny Meyer, and Steve Case. The recipe in the restaurant is healthy, organic fresh and local. The objective of the startup was to feed more people better food. Learn more:

The three co-founders felt that unhealthy eating was replete in Georgetown. Consequently, healthy food options were their focus when they opened the first branch of the restaurant in August 2007. In their confession, they knew they would make it in business when they were the only ones who remained on campus in a winter break as the rest of the students went on vacation.

Technology has been one of the leading factors used by the co-founders. The three are tech pioneers, and 30% of the company’s transactions are run via their website or mobile app. The managerial team also works closely with the customers as the corporate office is shut down five times each year so that all people work in the restaurants. The reason for this is to interact with the customers and learn more about them and their needs. Learn more:

The company managers are also bi-coastal as they focus on growing the business nationally other than regionally. Sweetgreen does not have company headquarters as the manager’s focus on decentralizing the workforce. Moreover, the three co-founders Ru, Nicolas, and Jonathan believe in building a team and delegating some duties to their employees. It was initially hard to delegate, but with the business expansion, they learned that they needed to delegate some duties. Sweetgreen had 64 branches in the United States as of October 2016. It also had more than 1700 workers at the time. Learn more: