Mike Baur Leads New Company Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is one of the more successful business professionals in Switzerland. He has had a long career in a number of fields such as banking, investing and entrepreneurship. During his career, Mike has helped a number of startup businesses look for ways to get established as well as reach high levels of success. When he first began his career, he helped businesses get the financing they needed as a banking professional. He would then help businesses by investing funds. When he invested in startup businesses, he would make high returns and help these companies get necessary capital to expand and improve their operations. Now Mike runs his own company known as Swiss Startup Factory. While being a new company, it has quickly established itself as one of the best in all of Switzerland.


Nowadays, Mike Baur is involved in entrepreneurship where he runs the daily operations of Swiss Startup Factory. He co founded the firm a few years ago and has helped build it into one of the top consulting companies in the nation. As an entrepreneur, Mike has developed a unique company that allows businesses to demonstrate their business idea and get assistance on a regular basis. Baur holds events where businesses talk about their idea and then aggress to give them coaching and mentoring on things such as marketing, product development and finance. As a result, many businesses have been able to reach their full potential with the help of Baur and his company.


Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Baur spent ten years investing in startup businesses. During this time, he would put his own funds into a number of new companies and help them reach their goals. He would also gain a part of the ownership and earn the profits the company makes. This allowed Mike to receive a lucrative income as well as inspiring him to eventually start up his own business someday in the future.


At the very beginning of Mike’s career, he worked in the banking sector. When he was in this field, Mike would meet with businesses and help them find ways to get capital for their various goals. There were many businesses that needed money to either start up or expand. Baur would help them by evaluating their business as well as how much they needed in order to reach their goals. With Mike’s help, many businesses were able to get the funds they needed in order to fulfill their potential.


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