The Life of Betsy Devos and her Contributions to U.S. Society

The 11th U.S. Secretary of Education is Betsy Devos. She is a dynamic leading figure in the Trump administration. Devos has been working hard in the area of education for many years. Her husband (Dick Devos) and she have been making donations to various educational causes since the 1980s. Devos’s husband is the former CEO of Amway and the daughter-in-law of billionaire Richard Devos.

Betsy and her husband has donated millions. They even started their own charter school called the West Michigan Aviation Academy. They use their non-profit organization known as the Dick and Betsy Foundation to make these contributions. She has given to the arts, public institutions and local organizations as well as schools. Read more about her philanthropy at

Devos is known for her great work in the field of education. She doesn’t just deal with the issues that normally impact the daily lives of teachers, students and administrators. Betsy also tackles the deeper issues that impact people within the learning environment. For example, she has to make sure that any school receiving federal aid must adhere to federal laws.

This is an especially touch topic concerning the LGBTQ community because their rights within the learning environment are constantly being challenged. In June of 2017 Devos told Democratic party members that her department would not be issuing decrees against the LGBTQ community in regard to transgender bathroom laws and other matters involving gay students. Betsy is a firm supporter of the LGBTQ community. She has been for many years.

Devos also backs Trump’s controversial move to trim excessive spending within the education field. In June of 2017, President Trump reduced educational spending by $9.2 billion. This reduction will get rid of programs that are ineffective and those that are similar to better programs already in place. Betsy Devos supported Trump’s decision to take this action because she believes the cuts make sense. They help to streamline the field of education and make it more impactful. Read her interview with Philanthropy Table

The people of Lansing, Michigan know the generosity and charitable giving that is provided by Devos. A lot of key people and organizations in Lansing have worked with this powerful woman over the years. She (and her husband) also have various buildings, non-profit organizations and buildings within the city. Their donor spirit also reverberates with the people throughout the community. People can expect Devos and her husband to make more contributions in the near future.

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