Wen By Chaz Hair Conditioners are Making New Believers

When you suffer with fine hair that has no life, you could go through dozens of products that promise to restore your hair without seeing results. This is what one young girl was struggling with, until she decided to give on the the Wen By Chaz hair conditioners a real test. After seven days, she chronicled her journey for the world to see.

To get a quick understanding of the man behind WEN, you only need look at the huge celebrity list of clients that Chaz Dean currently has. He turned a small salon in Los Angeles to the place celebrities go when they want to transform their appearance. Dean has developed a line of hair care products that utilize all-natural ingredients and help to improve the quality of the hair with less work. See, http://chazdean.com/.

Traditional hair care products use harsh cleaning agents that strip away the natural oils in the hair that are designed to protect it. The Wen By Chaz products help to protect those oils while restoring years of damage done by inferior products. Now it doesn’t matter where you live, you too can have the same bounce in your hair like celebrities who walk in to hair their hair done by Dean himself.

As originally reported by Bustle, a young lady who worked at a hair salon recently put one of Dean’s hair care conditioners to the test. As you can see by the Facebook pictures of her flat oily hair, she was the perfect candidate to see if after a week you could see any noticeable results.

Follow along, day by day, as she documents her journey with the Wen By Chaz conditioner, and you can see each day how the hair really did go from flat to full of life. These results were achieved even when she was skipping following the direction to a tee.

To learn more, visit wen.com.

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